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Rules and Scoring


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Dober Fantasy Points
Projected Fantasy Points
Projected Fantasy Points Margin
Play Card Rules
Contest Grading


Dober Fantasy Points (DFP)

Dober Fantasy Points (DFP) represents the average fantasy points per game an athlete obtains.

This number helps users understand what to expect from an athlete in terms of general performance. Comparing DFP Projected Fantasy Points (PFP) allows the user to see if Dober believes the athlete will do better or worse than his season average.

Projected Fantasy Points (PFP)

Projected Fantasy Points (PFP) is a measure of the expected real-life player performance for each athlete. Athletes earn fantasy points for positive and negative real-life game contributions.

Example: An NFL kicker would earn three (3) fantasy points for making a field goal 39 yards or less. A field goal 50 yards or more will earn the kicker five (5) points. If the kicker misses a field goal, he will lose one (1) fantasy point. If the kicker only contributed in those three statistical manners in a game, he would earn 3 + 5 + (-1) = 7 fantasy points.

Fantasy points are calculated differently based on the sport and the player's position. At the top of this page, you will find links for specific league scoring.

Please Note: Projected Fantasy Points (PFP) can change at Dober’s sole discretion. A contest must be completed in order for a PFP score to be locked in to a Dober Play Card. Play Card selections may change before a Play Card is complete, and it is the user’s responsibility to accept the Play Card PFP at the time of confirming a created contest.

Projected Fantasy Points (PFP) Margin

Players will be provided a Projected Fantasy Points (PFP) total for each game they participate in. The difference between the PFP of two players is the PFP Margin, which a player must overcome in order to win.

Example: LeBron James has a PFP of 35 for a particular game. Stephen Curry has a PFP of 32. The PFP Margin is 3 (35 - 32 = 3).

In order to win the matchup, James must outscore Curry by more than three (3) Dober Fantasy Points (DFP). If James scored 34 DFP and Curry scored 33 DFP, Curry would win the matchup because James did not cover the PFP Margin.


Contest payouts are based on the number of athletes selected within a single Play Card as well as the contest type.

Below you will find tables that display payouts based on the number of athletes and the contest type. Certain free contests might have a different payout structure than shown below.

Quick Play (QP) Payout
2 Athletes = 3 to 1
3 Athletes = 5 to 1
4 Athletes = 10 to 1
5 Athletes = 20 to 1
6 Athletes = 40 to  1
7 Athletes = 75 to 1
8 Athletes = 125 to 1
9 Athletes = 250 to 1
10 Athletes = 500 to 1
11 Athletes = 1000 to 1


Dober Dojo (PE) Payout
2 Athletes = 2.1 to 1
3 Athletes = 4.5 to 1
4 Athletes = 8.5 to 1
5 Athletes = 16 to 1
6 Athletes = 29 to 1
7 Athletes = 53 to 1
8 Athletes = 95 to 1
9 Athletes = 165 to 1
10 Athletes = 295 to 1


Please note: A discrepancy in payment structure, between what is shown by the system and the tables shown here, which results in a payout structure above the tables shown here will result in the contest being paid at the rate shown by the tables here. A discrepancy in payment structure, between what is shown by the system and the tables shown here, which results in a payout structure below the tables shown here, will result in the contest being paid at the rate shown by the system.

Play Card Rules

When creating Dober Play Cards, users must adhere to the following rules for the Card to be valid. The system should automatically restrict the below options. In the event that the system does not restrict such contests, the contests will be deemed void.

  • Different types of Play Cards cannot be combined. Quick Play matchups can only be placed against other Quick Play matchups. Dober Dojo matchups can only be placed against other Dober Dojo matchups. Free Contest matchups can only be placed against other Free Contest matchups.

  • Play Cards can be created with matchups from different sports. However, athletes can only be matched up against athletes from the same sport.

  • Starting pitchers cannot be matched up against hitters in the same baseball game.

  • All created Play Cards are final. Users cannot change athletes or matchups once the Play Card is confirmed.

  • In order for a customer to enter a contest, the customer must enter a Play Card with a minimum of three (3) matchups for Quick Play and Dober Dojo. Free contests will have different requirements for the minimum number of matchups, but minimum will never be below three (3) matchups.

  • Only one Play Card can be created at a time. Play Card selections are saved for 10 minutes. Customers must either enter the contest with the selected Play Card within this time period or the Play Card will be emptied and the customer must re-select the matchups for the Play Card.

  • No athlete may be chosen more than once per Play Card.

Contest Grading

Contest grading is an automatic process. In the event that contest grading differs from the grading rules below, the rules below will be manually applied and game results will be adjusted to conform to our standard grading procedure.

  • Standard overtime results apply for athlete fantasy point totals in NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL (shootouts not included) except as deemed appropriate by the Dober Games Management. Decisions on overtime are at the sole discretion of Dober.

  • Games that do not conclude within 24 hours may be deemed as void at Dober Games Management's sole discretion.

  • Play Cards with one (1) push or void play will be considered a push in their entirety as long as none of the other plays in a Play Card are a loss. A single matchup that results in a loss will make the entire Play Card a loss.

  • For a contest to be won, all matchups within a Play Card must result in a win.

  • In-progress live updates are for viewing purposes only and are not for use as part of contest completion or determination of contest results.

  • The only scoring that will be used for the completion of contests and the determination of prize distribution are those that are categorized as "Final." Each athlete score is graded independently. Scores can be adjusted at the sole discretion of Dober Games Management.

  • In order for a matchup to be won, the player selected must win by exceeding the Projected Fantasy Points Margin. The margin is the number immediately below the matchup start time on the player selection screen.