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Who We Are


Dober Games – A New Way To Play Fantasy Sports

Our owners love to play fantasy sports, but they grew tired of worrying about salary caps and competing against professional players. They wanted to create a simple and even playing field for the masses, and thus, Dober Games was born. 

Dober is a new fantasy concept that’s easy to understand. You pick your players, and you play against us. It’s that simple. Click Here to discover How It Works.

With major investors backing Dober Games, we aren’t going anywhere. We offer quick payouts, and your deposits and winnings are 100 percent guaranteed. Dober is fully compliant with U.S. Federal regulations, and you can access your games on any mobile device.

Sign Up, start playing for free and join the millions that have discovered Dober Games!

How Does Dober Work?


Dober Media LLC
651 N Broad St, Ste 205 #8854
Middletown, DE, 19709