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Limits and Responsible Gaming

What happens if I want to deposit more than the system allows for?

You can contact us to have your limits raised, which will both increase your deposit and payout limits. We require this step as part of our commitment to Responsible Gaming.

What information do you require for raising limits?

We will first require identity verification and tax compliance. Once this is in, we will evaluate each player on a case-by-case basis. Limit increase is easy and fast, and it will result in a permanent increase so you will not have to deal with this feature again once completed.

Can I impose self restrictions and limits?

As part of our commitment to Responsible Gaming, and our belief that our games should always stay fun, we have created several self-restriction options that you can find in your player profile.

Just go to: Manage Account, then visit the Setting page, then click on Restrictions. Here you can self impose restrictions on a per day, per week, per month and per year basis. Restrictions can be placed on deposit amount, play amount and number of contests.

I have a gaming problem, can you help?

Yes we can. If you believe you suffer from a gaming problem, let our support staff know and we can restrict your account for a determined period of time or permanently. Please be advised these restrictions are permanent and cannot be lifted after they are imposed. Even after a period of self restriction due to problem gaming, you still might not be able to continue playing until we have completed verifications that are compliant with Responsible Gaming standards.

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